Three Traits of an Effective Construction Worker

Three Traits of an Effective Construction Worker

The difference between a good construction company and a great construction company is the quality of its tradesmen, and in such a fiercely competitive marketplace it is more important than ever for a construction worker to stand out from the crowd. 

If you are an employer needing to hire new personnel or a construction worker looking to upskill or find new work, it is important to understand what industry leaders and contractors value most in prospective workers.

Here, we discuss three key traits that are important for every construction professional, from labourer to project manager. 

Strong Communication Skills

With almost a decade of experience as Managing Director of Ashley Cooper Construction, Luke Ashley-Cooper firmly believes that strong communication skills are one of the most important assets for any effective construction professional. 

“With so many moving parts on any given project, I’d have to say that effective communication is the most important trait for a construction worker. Carpenters, electricians and plasters may be completing different jobs on-site but they are all working towards the same overall goal. Everyone has to be aware of their surroundings and also keep other people on-site aware of what is going on or any potential issues, and proper communication is the key to that.”

Being able to speak clearly and effectively to managers and other workers ensures that there is no ambiguity or indecision about a construction worker’s role in a project. This also helps the project run in a timely manner, as any amount of confusion or miscommunication can result in significant delays.

Attention to Detail

In such a time-sensitive and precision-focussed industry, it is little wonder that nearly every job offering in construction lists attention to detail as a necessary condition of employment. 

Detail-oriented construction workers benefit an organisation two-fold: they are less likely to make a mistake when completing a task and also more likely to identify and prevent mistakes when they occur. 

When you are dealing with large scale, multi-million dollar projects, even a small error can cause enormous delays and demand significant financial outlay to remedy.

Attention to detail is also important when dealing with the variety of materials and technology on a construction site, as different projects will have different requirements.

Time Management

Time management is the ability to plan out and optimise your daily tasks to improve your efficiency. While some people believe that strong time management is an innate trait of well-organised people, there are many habits and strategies that you can employ to improve this important ability. 

Without a strong sense of time-management construction workers risk missing deadlines, producing poor-quality work and damaging their reputation. As construction projects are so driven by deadlines, an excellent construction worker is one who uses their time on-site effectively and is able to get tasks completed on-time.

Want to Work with Construction Professionals on Your Project?

Working with construction professionals who possess these traits ensures a smooth construction process and creates a welcoming working environment for the client and worksite as whole. 

With extensive experience across a wide variety of projects, the Ashley Cooper team prides themselves on their commitment to communication, time-management and attention to detail.

Learn more about our company values here, or contact us to discuss how we can help bring your project to life.