Three Signs You Need A Hospitality Venue Refurbishment

Three Signs You Need A Hospitality Venue Refurbishment

Hospitality refurbishments are an excellent way to refresh the look of your venue, and to create an environment which your customers will be eager to return to again and again. They are also a great opportunity to modernise your venue, making your business money in the long run by creating a space which is functional, stylish and appealing to new customers.

However, for many publicans and venue owners the idea of a hospitality venue refurbishment can seem daunting, as they are concerned about disruptions to operations.

Despite these concerns, disruptions to a venue’s daily operations throughout the refurbishment period can be minimised by an experienced construction team, who will be able to enact careful planning and close collaboration with the venue’s management to ensure that operations are minimally affected through the process, and that the project is completed in a timely manner.

If you are a hospitality venue owner, here are three tell-tale signs that it might be time to consider a refurbishment.

Your Venue Has Antiquated Design

The significance of stylish and functional design for any club, pub, or hotel cannot be overstated: it is a direct representation of your establishment’s brand, culture and character. While a redesign may seem like a grand undertaking, it is arguably the most important aspect of any hospitality venue refurbishment. 

The design and interior of a space sets the tone for the meal to come, acting as a benchmark for the quality of the establishment. In today’s world, eating out is not merely an opportunity for patrons to eat a meal. Instead, customers expect an experience which justifies the price by incorporating personalised service, excellent food and modish interiors.

Contemporary design and a space with immersive ambience creates an atmosphere which patrons will be excited to dine in, and also encourages them to document their dining experience online. As we are far more likely to take recommendations from friends and family than brands, providing a space which patrons are likely to post about online or discuss with people they know is an excellent way to get more people in the door.

Not only does sleek design and decor improve the experience of patrons, it also positively affects staff performance and creates an environment your staff will be proud to work in.


Your Venue Requires More Space 

As was the case for our Caboolture Sports Club refurbishment, when your venue becomes more established and your patronage grows, your staff, space and layout must grow with it. 

The way in which customers, back-of-house and front-of-house staff interact and move around your venue has a direct effect on the success of your business. Ensuring a correct flow of movement throughout your venue is one of the most important factors in ensuring efficient service as well as providing a layout which feels natural for customers to enter and navigate. It also reduces the risk of accidents occurring during service.

Hospitality venue refurbishments and renovations can also provide benefits such as increased seating capacity to accommodate more customers, an upgraded kitchen to improve the quality of food service and a refreshing of the design of a bistro or bar to make it more appealing for customers to attend. 


Your Venue Has Received Mixed Online Reviews 

Online reviews have become increasingly influential on the success of a local business, with a study finding that only 53% of consumers would consider using a business with less than four stars. While negative reviews can be detrimental to the success of your business, they can also serve as an indicator as to how your establishment can improve. 

Often, people leaving online reviews are unlikely to voice their opinions on the night when they are at the venue, preferring instead to voice any issues they had from behind the safety of a computer screen.

If you have received mixed reviews concerning your venue’s design or decor, it’s a sure-sign that it’s time for an upgrade. You can use the comments in these reviews to help inform you as to the size and scope of your hospitality venue refurbishment, as well as to help hone in on specific sections of your venue to focus on improving. 


Are You Considering A Hospitality Venue Refurbishment?

Our experienced construction team at Ashley Cooper Construction have completed spectacular and timely hospitality venue refurbishments at many iconic establishments across Queensland and northern New South Wales. Have a look at some of our hospitality projects here and get in touch with us today if you would like to discuss creating a project that exceeds expectations.