The Glen Hotel

The Glen Hotel

Following our previously completed renovation works at the Glen Hotel in 2014, they hired us yet again in 2018 to continue the redevelopment of this fine establishment to further update its appearance. These works were focused on updating the restaurant and upstairs accommodation areas to bring a more modern, yet still relaxing, aesthetic to the hotel.

Continuing to impress our existing client-base is just as important to us as making good first impressions with new clients, so our aim with this project was to further instil confidence with the Glen Hotel that meeting their needs was our upmost priority. Between the inception of this project to completion, the Glen Hotel made changes to the scope of works, amounting to an additional 40% of the original project value. Our primary responsibility to our clients is to ensure they receive the end-product they want, not one that is convenient for us to complete, so we accepted these works and ensured we mitigated the additional time required by these items as far as was reasonably practicable.

Our enthusiasm to deliver the Glen’s expectations has once again resulted in a project that exceeds the expectations for this space whilst successfully capturing and enriching the atmosphere of the Glen Hotel. We are honored to have worked with the Glen Hotel again and our team are proud of what we have achieved with our client on this project.

Master Builders Queensland Housing and Constructions Awards 2021 Regional Winner