Ashmore Tavern

Ashmore Tavern

We have completed two projects at the Ashmore Tavern, transforming their restaurant and bars into bright, modern spaces.

The first refurbishment involved installing fresh carpeting and LED lighting in their sports bar, as well as installing new shelving to showcase their inventory. 

The Tavern’s management then reengaged us for an additional project, this time refurbishing their restaurant and bar. One of the key new features of the space is a bulkhead above the bar made from Western Red Cedar, which replaced a lower, darker bulkhead to bring a new sense of light and openness to the bar. Herringbone tiling at the base of the bar and back wall also added texture to the room.

Our Site Manager also oversaw a simultaneous renovation of the kitchen and repainting of the gaming room. The projects were both completed in a timely and cost-effective manner, minimising disruptions to the bistro’s operations throughout the process and resulting in a spectacular new space for the Tavern’s patrons to enjoy.

Master Builders Queensland Housing and Constructions Awards 2021 Regional Winner