Four Traits of an Effective Site Manager

A Site Manager has one of the most important positions on any construction project: overseeing and supervising the construction site. They take on a wide range of responsibilities to ensure the project’s demands are met on-schedule and within budget, and an effective Site Manager can be the difference between an exemplary or mediocre project.

At Ashley Cooper, our experienced managerial team are required to handle a variety of projects across a range of industries, and manage large groups of contractors in doing so. Here are four key traits which let our Site Managers be effective on site:


Leadership skills

Strong leadership skills and a knack for team management are essential to the role. While contractors excavate material, plaster and fasten joinery, the Site Manager ‘plays the orchestra’ in a leadership role, ensuring that the contractors’ work is thorough and on-time. They must also be able to give clear orders, relay complex technical information and maintain good working relationships with contractors, architects and engineers. A large construction project has a multitude of moving parts which the Site Manager must harmonise into a final product the client is happy with, so investing in long-term relationships is key to keeping things running smoothly.


A focus on the client’s needs

A client’s project requirements differ depending on their vision for the project, and a great Site Manager is able to meet the needs of clients across a range of industries. They are responsible for reporting work progress to the client and ensuring the work is progressing in a way the client is satisfied with. Our staff also focus on minimising disruptions to a venue’s daily operations during a construction project, keeping clients happy by reducing the inconvenience of a refurbishment or renovation.


A safety-first attitude

Another important (and potentially life-saving) aspect of the role is a sound understanding of WH&S legislation and its application on-site. Construction sites are not without danger, and the Site Manager is responsible for ensuring that workers adhere to safety standards and minimise risk at all times. This requires staying up to date with safety regulations, being able to spot potential violations ahead of time and keeping a keen eye out for potential issues. This results in a workplace experience that is safe for all involved. 


The ability to keep on schedule

Completing work on time is critical in construction, and is a priority of any Site Manager. Organisation is crucial, and before site work even begins they need to have assessed the feasibility of the project as well as its compliance to any relevant protocols and any potential hurdles which could arise. Projects happen in phases, and the Site Manager must be intimately familiar with every piece of work that needs completing. The ability to improvise and work around unforeseen circumstances is also important: if the delivery of a certain supply is delayed or a contractor is late completing an aspect of the project, the Site Manager must have backup plans in place. 


Looking for an experienced Site Manager to manage your project?

At Ashley Cooper, our team are experienced professionals who have overseen projects for a wide range of clients and industries throughout Brisbane and South East Queensland.

If you’re looking to work with a construction company whose Site Managers are experts at delivering your project smoothly, on-schedule and within budget, get in touch with us and let’s turn your project vision into a reality.