Everything You Need To Know About QBCC Licenses In Queensland

At Ashley Cooper Construction we work with a wide variety of QBCC-licensed contractors, and are always looking for skilled new contractors to help us deliver exceptional outcomes.

Here, we provide an overview of what a QBCC contractor’s licence is, and how to apply for one.

A QBCC contractor’s licence is essential for those wishing to complete a range of construction work jobs as a contractor. While some exemptions apply, and some construction work may not require it, a QBCC licence is required to be held by individuals and companies in Queensland for the following building work:  

  • Drainage  
  • Plumbing and drainage  
  • Gas fitting 
  • Termite management – chemical 
  • Fire protection 
  • Completed residential building inspection 
  • Building design – low rise, medium rise, and open 
  • Site classification 
  • Mechanical services 
  • Other building work valued over $3,300 
  • Other building work valued over $1,100 where it involves Hydraulic Services Design 
  • If you are looking to get your QBCC licence in Queensland here is how you can apply.  

How to apply for a QBCC licence in Queensland 

In order to apply for your QBCC licence in Queensland you will be required to complete two forms and a referee report. The two forms you will be required to fill out are the Building Licence Application Form and the Building, Designer Experience Form and Referee Report. These forms require proof of identity and other attached documents. You will need to provide the following information: 

Depending on your qualifications: a minimum of 2 or 4 years’ experience detailed. This time needs to show that you carried building work in the relevant scope of work. The experience should show that you have undertaken building work or have worked coordinating trade contractors. Supporting documents must be provided, detailing the class, number of storeys, size, and type of construction.  

Documents that show you hold all technical qualifications required for this licence class. These could include apprenticeships, skills recognitions, or formal qualifications. In the case where you don’t hold the technical qualifications you may need to receive recognition for prior learning.  

Written references showing confirmation of your supervisory experience. 

Evidence that you meet the minimum financial requirements. These requirements may vary. For example; nominee supervisor applicants will not need to provide financial information. As well as this, some Builder Project Management Services may not need to provide financial information.  

Proof of identity. This could be a certified copy of a driver’s licence or of a passport.

If you are contracting under a trading name then you will need to provide a record of your registration from Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC).

If you are contracting under a partnership then you will need to provide proof of the business partnership, or an original or certified copy of QBCC’s Statutory Declaration for Partnership Agreement.   

When the forms have been completed you can mail them to QBCC in Brisbane or deliver the forms to one of their service centres across the state.  

What if you already hold a QBCC licence in Queensland?  

You may be looking to gain additional licencing under QBCC. This is common and doesn’t require you to resend documentation which you have previously provided. Unless there are updates to information, for example your identity, trading name, or financial information, you will not be required to resend that information.  

How to re-apply for a licence  

Licence renewal or reapplication can often be done over the phone. Or by visiting QBCC online services here. This service is here to assist in any case where you are required to update your details such as:  

When you need to update your address 

Cancelling or surrendering your licence should you wish to stop working in the building industry. 

When you change your business structure. 

When you change the type of licence you hold. This may require a new licence, and could result in a change in fees paid each year.  

If your business has a high turnover, you will need to speak to your accountant before contacting QBCC.  

What fees are involved?  

Generally, the fees you pay will depend on your revenue. For this there are three categories. Firstly, Supervisor. This category does not require financial information.  

The second category is SC2 – $800,000 declaration. This is for businesses who have a maximum revenue up to $800,000 per year, and a minimum of $46,000 in net tangible assets.  

The final category is Category 1-7. This requires your accountant to complete an MFR Report. This is for businesses earning above $800,000 per year.   

How long will it take for the application to be processed? 

Once you have lodged your application through the post or at a QBCC service centre it can take 6-8 weeks for it to be processed. It is important to note that some more complex applications could take up to 12 weeks. During this time checks will be made to ensure you are a fit and proper person to hold a QBCC licence in Queensland. You will be contacted by QBCC if they have any further questions.  

It is also important to know that you cannot begin carrying out building work or provide quotes or tenders until you receive your licence. If you do so you will be providing unlicensed contracting.  

What happens after you have applied? 

Once your licence has been approved you will receive the number and scope of work for the licence class via the mail. When you receive this letter, you may begin providing quotes or tenders, and begin building.  

Looking for contracting work?

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