4 Trends To Consider For Commercial Construction in Brisbane

As we head into 2022, after two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, commercial construction in Brisbane is seeing some new trends. A lot has happened over the last year, and these events are having a massive impact on the requirements and demands of developers, and tenants of commercial buildings. As well as that, the restrictions, new health & safety concerns, as well as resource availability are all influencing the way commercial structures are built.  

So, with 2021 in the rear-view mirror, let’s see what commercial construction trends in Brisbane we can look forward to in the future.   

New digital technologies

Digital technologies have proven themselves during the pandemic, enough to become a mainstay requirement in all commercial buildings in Brisbane. In construction, the use of drones and cloud-based software has transformed projects. Drones provide easy access to difficult areas and provide high-definition photos and video of points of interest. Cloud-based software enables anyone involved in the construction process to work collaboratively, from anywhere. With cloud-based software, construction crews can have a wholly paperless system, reducing the environmental impact of a project, speed of information, and enabling remote working.  

Technology changes don’t only end with the construction processes. With work flexibility, energy savings, and interconnection required by the tenants who wish to occupy the buildings. So smart, interconnected technologies are used. These can help save energy, automate processes, enable a touch-free workspace, and make remote working simpler.    

A renewed focus on sustainability and the environment

With climate change making headlines more frequently than ever through 2021, there is a greater focus on improving sustainability. Construction is a carbon intensive industry, so there has been a lot of focus on implementing sustainable practices and technologies.  

Sustainability in construction has become expected for commercial buildings in Brisbane. By using low-emission concrete, wood, and other sustainable materials, Brisbane is already pushing ahead in improving the sustainability of its buildings. 

However, in the future there are even greater sustainable material trends which we expect to see. These include the further development of living materials like self-healing concrete, 3D printing, and more.  

You will also see greater sustainability in the design of commercial construction in Brisbane. Look out for greater implementation and design of green scaping and green facades. These add green spaces throughout, on top of, and on the sides of buildings. Other features to look out for are solar skins, glass facades that have solar panels in them, as well as kinetic buildings. Kinetic buildings are those which have moving facades to optimise the light and heat entering a building throughout the day.  

Employee mental health

Mental health has become an increasingly important topic in workplaces across Brisbane. According to MATES in Construction, 190 Australian construction workers take their life each year. This statistic is sobering, pushing greater interest in improving construction worker mental health. As a part of this push, workplaces are working hard to implement programs and are having open conversations designed to improve mental health.  

Outside of the construction of the commercial building itself, the tenants also want mental health to be a focus in the design of the building. You will see more natural daylight, colours, textures, natural surfaces, plants, and more incorporated into the design of commercial buildings. These features have been known to improve the mental health of those occupying it.  

Open spaces

Commercial construction in Brisbane has been trending towards open plan offices for a long time. But now this is going to be taken further, with increased remote working and flexible working arrangements becoming the norm. A part of this push towards further open spaces is flexible spaces, designed for collaboration, meetings, and other gatherings amongst co-workers. These spaces are designed to allow remote workers to join their colleagues in the office so all can work together.  

Other designs coming to commercial spaces in Brisbane are open spaces which bring the outside in. They will either be large spaces filled with nature and natural light, or indoor spaces that seamlessly open to balcony or terrace areas. This type of design is even encouraged through Brisbane City Council’s ‘Buildings that Breathe’ initiative.   


Commercial construction in Brisbane has an exciting future. COVID-19 has caused a dramatic shift in the way buildings are built and the design features they have. Further emphasis is being placed on technology, open space, mental health, and sustainability. With Brisbane winning the 2032 Olympics, more focus will be placed on creating commercial spaces that are world class, attracting greater international investment.  

If you are looking to get your commercial project in Brisbane constructed, our experienced team of construction professionals have you covered. Get in touch today and let’s discuss how we can help bring your project to life.